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Does Your Facility Qualify?

  • Does your facility consist of a group of members as a revenue source?
  • Does your facility offer a dedicated space with a variety of exercise options?
  • Does someone from your facility have access to the internet?
Yes? Yes? Yes?
You're Eligible!

Our Network = Potential Members

We'll drive new members to you!

When you join our network we'll help bring the members to you!
As a fitness incentive processor, working with nearly 100 health plans and employer groups, we provide your facility’s information to a motivated market of members looking for a gym.
We will work with our partners to publish your club location, contact information, and website to our partners.

Receive Monthly Reimbursements

 Once the members walk in your door you’ll begin receiving reimbursements from the associated providers.
Learn more by reading the Welcome Packet or by calling our staff at 800-317-2739.  You can also email us at
Be a part of an exciting and fast growing movement in fitness incentives and insurance reimbursement programs!
Your facility will be promoted to thousands of members, through employers and health plans that encourage gym participation through a sponsored reward system.
  • Acquire a competitive edge over other facilities and clubs in your market.
  • Get ahead of the competition!
  • Programs that are promoted internally can target individuals, in a setting which promotes group excitement and generates traffic to clubs in a way most marketing can't. You'll have an inside edge!
  • Enroll Now for Active participation status!

Get started today, at no cost to you.

Once you are enrolled, we will distribute your business information throughout our network, where potential members will be able to choose your facility for their needs.
It's that easy!