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Online Support Center

Using a smart login, users will have access to dynamic content and features. The streamlined integration offered by our system allows us to serve small independent clubs and community centers across the Midwest, as well as large networks of clubs in multiple states.

Enrollment Process

  Fitness institutions will have the ability to seamlessly enroll and update members into any participating health plan partner reimbursement program using our automated system. This system mirrors the enrollment form that members are required to complete and sign at the club.

Usage Submission

  The monthly usage submission process will reside exclusively on our smart login website. You will add and/or import usage information directly into an online entry application, eliminating errors associated with manual file creation and submission.

Reporting Capabilities

  Our web-based reporting module allows all parties to review relevant data based on their needs and varying access levels. Use this data to monitor usage, reimbursement history, returns, and much more. Save and export member data in a variety of file formats to manipulate how you wish, including XML, CSV, TIFF, Acrobat PDF, Web Archive, and Excel.


  Security, privacy and HIPAA and PCI compliance are of the utmost importance to us. All of our data is encrypted and secure from the time it is entered through our smart login website or in our backend processing system. Our websites use the industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption. Electronic transfers of files in our database use AES encryption with 256 bit keys. These extensive privacy features give everyone involved peace of mind.

Member Experience

  The focus of this new system has been largely influenced by the desire to provide a fulfilling member experience. To achieve that we have created a variety of intuitive tools and resources that allow them to easily analyze their accounts.

Layered Hierarchy System

  The hierarchy of our website is organized in such a way that starts at the top with health plan sponsors and ultimately cascades down to the members with Healthy Contributions providing the facilitation.