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"Healthy Contributions goes above and beyond to help their clients succeed in setting up insurance reimbursements. They are professional, intelligent and caring. When choosing a company to help you with insurance reimbursements for your fitness facility or health club, choose Healthy Contributions!"  
Aimee Imhof, 
Marketing Specialist - MedSave Family Pharmacy


Reimbursement Options

  The Healthy Contributions processing system gives you the flexibility of several reimbursement options. Funds can be allocated to members directly, to the appropriate health plan partner, or to the fitness institution. Spend less time doing paperwork and more time in your club with the direct deposit functionality.


  With Healthy Contributions, we have developed an easy-to-use reimbursement system. Using our system, our clients simply track the visits of participating members and then transfer monthly usage information to us. This is done quickly and easily, as the steps have been integrated into our web services. Our backed processing system is also capable of accommodating integrated file transfer solutions for fitness institutions with very large member networks. Once member usage has been processed at Healthy Contributions, reimbursements are allocated using one of our flexible distribution options.


  Our online help system offers an easy way to learn more about reimbursement processing. It is designed for health plan sponsors, corporations, fitness institutions, and members, and it provides both reference and procedural information. The interactive Contents, Index, and Search features of this help system make it quick and easy to find the information you desire.