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Wellness. Rewarded.

Many health plan providers now offer reimbursement plans for members and clubs with the intention of motivating clients to make time to exercise. Together, let’s make the world a healthier place.

About Us

Since 2005, we have been providing health and fitness clubs across the nation with reliable and easy-to-use management solutions. Our integrated package of online services allows our clients to focus on their clubs and members, rather than their back-office needs. Funds can be allocated to members directly, to the appropriate fitness institution, or to the health plan sponsor.


Fitness Centers


Members Each Month

$ 1.3 m

In Processed Reimbursements


Work Out 12+ Times per Month to Receive Full Reimbursements


More Members than Clubs Not Enrolled with Healthy Contributions



Flexibility of Reimbursement Options

The Healthy Contributions processing system gives you the flexibility of several reimbursement options.


With Healthy Contributions, we have developed an easy-to-use reimbursement program.

Online Support

Our online help system offers an easy way to learn more about reimbursement processing.



Enrollment Process

Fitness institutions will have the ability to seamlessly enroll and update members.

Usage Submission

The monthly usage submission process will reside exclusively on our smart login website.

Reporting Capabilities

Our web-based reporting module allows all parties to review relevant data based on their needs and varying access levels.


Security, privacy and HIPAA and PCI compliance are of the utmost importance to us.

Member Experience

The focus of this new system has been largely influenced by the desire to provide a fulfilling member experience.

Layered Hierarchy System

The hierarchy of our website is organized in such a way that starts at the top with health plan sponsors.


Find Your Club

Map of club locations. Click the "Find A Club" link to view a list of all locations.


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  • UCare
  • Medica
  • HealthPartners